Private therapy sessions


Is it for you? 


Would you like someone to travel along beside you for a bit while you take some time out to get a perspective on life? Would you like to learn about relationships, develop self esteem or emotional awareness or release some deeply painful memories and emotions?   


Private sessions are a chance to dive deep into the core of what's happening for you. 


The word Hakomi comes from the Hopi Indians of North America. It is often translated as "Where do you stand in relation to these many realms?" or more commonly "Who are you?".


Ron Kurtz (1934-2011), the founder of Hakomi psychotherapy, once described Hakomi as having 3 foundations.

The first is the body-centred therapies off the twentieth century, like Gestalt, Bioenergetics, Reichian work, Rolfing and Feldenkrais. Included here is Carl Rogers and Psychomotor Therapy too. The second is eastern philosophy and religion, particularly Taoism and Buddhism, with a little Chinese/Japanese medicine thrown in. The third branch is General Systems Theory.


Download this article Foundations of Hakomi for more information on these foundations.


For more articles on Hakomi from Ron Kurtz please go to



Options for how Sessions might happen

There's a number of ways we can meet and each one has it's own benefits.


Here's some ways I've done sessions before but maybe you've got another idea? 


In Person 

Sessions are held at 38 Urquhart st, Northcote. 


Walk and Talk

Sometimes sitting down and meeting in the "normal" therapy room context is not the most helpful way of meeting. Walk and talk sessions are one way of having a more spacious, relaxed session together. With this way, the first session does still need to be one where we cover the ground work of meeting together and how sessions may progress. Meeting outside has its own challenges so it's important we have a container of some sort, an agreement between us to support our time together.    


By internet using Skype or Zoom

I love skype sessions and highly recommend them. These sessions are very effective and can be arranged anytime, all you need is a computer and good internet connection. This can be super helpful if you find your life is quite busy and would rather not have travel time eat into an already full day. Sessions can be held from the early morning through to the evening. 



$95 AUD for 1 hour

$135 for 1.5 hours

$165 for 2 hours. 


Eco-therapy: $165 if held at my regular sites. Travel would be added if we negotiate to do it elsewhere. 



Payment can be made via Paypal for Skype sessions or in cash for sessions at Northcote.


To book a private session please call +61 412 018962  or email.


All sessions are held within the safety of complete confidentiality.


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