Deep Rest in Nature retreat


Bookings for this retreat are now closed as we've hit capacity. There are other retreats on this year so please visit our events page to see what's on.


Retreat Dates: 2pm, Wednesday Jan 10 to 2.30pm Sunday Jan 14, 2018

Venue: Camp Eureka, Yarra Junction.  

Cost: $230 for a hut. $200 for byo tent plus Dana for the teachers

Teachers: Anton Eastick with Holly Huon teaching Feldenkrais 

Practical Information: Please read this before booking or making an enquiry click here to download

Inquiries: Ph 0412 018962 or email us

Book now: Sorry bookings are now closed. :(


The realisations that lead to the Buddha's awakening all happened while he practiced and contemplated life while living outdoors and under the bodhi tree in the time leading to his awakening. Once he started sharing and guiding others, he would encourage his followers to do the same. After a talk he would say, "There are trees and the roots of trees. Go there to the roots of a tree and establish yourself in mindfulness".  At times it can be easy to lose touch with nature a little when so many of our retreats and much of our meditation can sometimes happen indoors.


Nature.... we need it!


Deep rest in nature allows us to come out of the mind, into the heart and in tune with our senses. Not only is it rejuvenating and healing, but it's also transformative. By giving up the effort to meditate right or to be a good meditator, we can open into what one nature researcher called "soft fascination". 



What to expect

We will offer meditation instructions and guided meditations, Dharma talks, question and answer sessions and there will be opportunities for personal interviews. 


Along with sitting and walking meditation, we encourage you to experiment with meditation and try lying down for meditation. Deep rest turns out to be surprisingly, and delightfully, undemanding.


We emphasize the importance of tuning in closely to one’s unique path, of falling in love with one’s own awakening, including all its joys and challenges. Rather than looking for short lived meditation or spiritual highs, we cultivate long-term friendships. We also continually experiment with different formats for teachings and retreats with the aim of bringing love and wisdom into “real” life.


Being in Nature - The Research 

We all know that lying under a shady tree or sitting on the bank of a mountain stream feels good. No one needs to tell us that. But somehow our rational mind sometimes needs the cold hard facts. If that's the case, here it is...


Stanford researchers find mental health prescription: Nature


How Nature Resets Our Minds and Bodies


Why our children need to get outside and engage with nature


Noble Silence is the doorway to receptive presence and aligns ourselves with our true nature. This retreat will be held in noble silence. Meditation teachings and instructons will come from traditional and contemporary Insight Meditation Buddhist practices.  


Feldenkrais Holly Huon will be using her years of Feldenkrais study to guide us into deeper levels of body awareness and freedom. A deep vote of thanks and gratitude in advance to you Holly. If you've not done Feldenkrais floor exercises before you're in for a treat. Bring a wide soft mat for rolling about on the floor.


Camp Eureka is the perfect venue for a retreat. The meditation space, see photo below, has a wide roof to protect us from the sun, but the walls are open so we can feel the delight of the wind on our skin and hear the sounds of the bush. Tea trees line the western side of this space protecting us from the afternoon summer sun. The huts are simple, but have comfortable mattresses enabling a good nights sleep. The camping area is grassed and level. The Little Yarra river runs through the edge of the property so bring your swimmers.... it's only knee deep but perfect in summer to cool off.  


The meditation hall



There are 2 options for this retreat.


Accomodation Option 1 - Stay in one of the share huts. The huts are delightfully simple and have very comfortable mattresses. If tents are a step too far, then this is for you. You'll need to bring your own pillow and bedding.

Please note there is no possibility of have your own room in this retreat. If you need your own space then check out accommodation option 2, below.


Accomodation Option 2 - Bring a tent, a caravan or camper van with your own mattress and bedding. 


Food will be vegetarian with vegan and gluten free options. Allergies are also supported depending on your needs so send us an email before booking and we can work out how to support you.


What to bring 

If camping, your tent and mattress.

All of your bedding.

Meditation cushions and yoga mat. 

2-3 blankets to create a soft space to roll around on for the Feldenkrais lessons

Shawl or light blanket if the evenings get cool. 

Mosquito repellant

A hat and sunscreen


A torch and fresh batteries 

Hammock or other relaxation chair  (optional) 

Anything else you might normally take camping


Book now: 

Inquiries: Ph 0412 018962 or email us


DANA ~ Dana is a Pali word (the language used at the time The Buddha lived) which means the practice of generosity, or offering. Dana is a completely different way of relating to what is offered. Rather than a commercial transaction, Dana expresses the love and appreciation for what has been received. The daily rate you pay for the retreat covers food costs, Airfares and travel costs, basic bills, organisational costs, printing and any other set up costs for the retreat. Nobody receives any kind of salary. The Dana boxes that are put out at the end of each retreat support the teachers and the tradition itself. Dana is not tips, it is not a token gesture, it is the vital resource that allows these retreats and tradition to continue. 
This is a living tradition that is thousands of years old and we are now the holders of this tradition. The generosity of countless people over the centuries has brought us to this point now where we can offer this retreat on the basis of Dana. In other words, when you come to our retreats you are being nourished by the generosity of people who came before you. Your financial generosity now is the resource that enables us to continue to offer retreats in the future so other people may also benefit and keep the tradition alive. 
Giving of service or Karma yoga ~ Insight meditation retreats are fully run by volunteers, no one gets paid for the work they do. In this way we are able to keep the costs down. Therefore In the same spirit we ask that everyone who comes to our retreats contributes one hour of their time each day towards the running of the retreat. This may be anything from washing up, veggie chopping, cleaning or something else connected with running the retreat. We thank you in advance. 
Volunteers Needed

The retreats we run are not for profit and we rely totally on the good will of organisers and volunteers to make a retreat like this happen. If you would like to assist in any way, please send us an email and let us know how you might be able to help. Specifically we are looking for assistance with


- Flyer distribution and promotion

- Cooking for the retreat. For the residential retreat we envisage sharing the cooking between a few people so we can all enjoy the retreat.

- Before the retreat, collecting supplies for the retreat (food etc) and transporting them to Camp Eureka

- Lifts to Camp Eureka for people without cars and to keep the sharing culture alive



Recreation Hut


Accomodation Hut


One of the Huts


Accomodation Huts


Dining Hall and Kitchen



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