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Awakening Joy is a 5 month online course by James Baraz, one of the founders of Spirit Rock meditation centre in California. The course starts onsite in Berkeley, CA on Jan 30th, 2018. Video and audio for the Online course will be available from Feb 5-6th, 2018. 


For full details about the Awakening Joy course, please visit


James & Jane Baraz will be visiting Melbourne in November 2018, (for Details click are here) so this will be a chance to dive into these teachings in a supported group and be part of an extended study experience. 


Melbourne Support group for Awakening Joy 

Would you like to be part of a local support group with others who have signed up for the course? Practice partners keep the themes alive and in awareness and deepen the realisations from the course. Plus you'll also get to hang out with and get to know a great bunch of like minded people, while exploring the timeless themes of

  1. Intention:  Melbourne group on 8th Feb
  2. Mindfulness: Melbourne group on 22nd Feb
  3. Gratitude: Melbourne group on 8th March
  4. Joy in Difficult Times: Melbourne group on 22nd March
  5. Integrity: Melbourne group on 5th April
  6. The Joy of Letting Go: Melbourne group on 19th April
  7. Loving Ourselves: Melbourne group on May 3rd
  8. Connection with Others: Melbourne group on May 17th
  9. Compassion: Melbourne group on May 31st
  10. The Joy of Being: Melbourne group on June 14th

what could be better! :) 


"Dear Anton, 

Thanks so much for facilitating the Awakening Joy course (2017). It has been and continues to be a great pleasure! I have only the highest recommendations for the course, the content and the model.Thanks again for your efforts in making it available and for your teachings.

Love Ross" 


How does it work? We will meet as a group once a fortnight to explore the themes of the course and support each other in going deeper into these timeless qualities of life. Each fortnight, at the support group meeting we will

  1. Watch some of the course video content for this fortnight where James explains the theme
  2. Have a questions and answer.
  3. Share and celebrate our wins and insights
  4. partner up with a "Joy buddy", another person in the group who we can catch up with on the phone once in that fortnight 
  5. Receive encouragement to stay with the themes over an extended period of time and realise the great benefit that they bring


Other benefits....

  1. Our group will have our own video call with James at some point during the course to check in, ask questions and get to know him. 
  1. Discount..... If you'd like to join this group, you will receive a $80US discount off off the enrolment cost of $280 US. See below for details


Support group details..... 

Where: 38 Urquhart st, Northcote

When: 7.30-9pm, Every 2nd thursday from Feb 8th, 2018

Cost for Melbourne group: $100 AUD payable up front. This is separate from the Awakening Joy fee. This fee covers the admin to organise the group & practice buddies each fortnight and facilitation.



See the Awakening Joy community page for more details 


How to get the discount: 

1. First you need to enrol and pay the full fee with Awakening Joy.

2. Then contact me with your enrolment information.

3. Pay the fee for the local group.

4. Once the fee for the local group has been paid, you'll receive directions on how to receive the $80 US discount. 


Some final considerations

A course of this type requires commitment but with commitment, there also comes reward, benefits and change. I've done this course 5-6 times before and each time I get something new from it. It's a major commitment on my part to host this for 5 months, so if you feel equally committed to awakening joy in your life I'd love to have you join us. 


Interested but want to know more?  Please email me with your questions  or call (no texting please) on 0412 018962.


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