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The Dharma Path is the journey of opening into life in our own way. All of the work I do is grounded in the practice of mindfulness, the capacity to be present, aware, and awake to ourself, our environment, and what is happening in each moment. 


We might be a fit if......

  • You'd like to learn about meditation and how it can help you
  • You'd like to learn about mindfulness
  • Who you know you are and how you are feeling about yourself right now are not lining up, and you'd like help 
  • You'd like to learn about what makes you tick
  • You want to come to meditation retreats based on a 2,600 year old tradition
  • You know there's something more to life


I imagine you like to .....

  • live with open heartedness
  • be free from old painful habits, memories and experiences
  • connect with ease
  • enjoy life fully
  • laugh easily


We'll really hit it off if.....

  • You're coming around to the reality that personal change is something that happens best with other friendly people who also have a similar interest 
  • You're willing to listen to the parts of yourself that don't always get expressed
  • Kindness is important for you, even if you are, like me, a bit clumsy at it sometimes!
  • Ditto Gratitude and compassion etc
  • At the end of a day, you are open to seeing the good intentions of your best efforts and how they may have not quite hit the standards you'd like.


Thanks for dropping by and feel free to send me a message anytime